Sunday, November 9, 2014

China Glaze City Flourish Gradient: At Vase Value, In a Lily Bit, & What a Pansy

After seeing Paint Those Piggies! beautiful bubblegum gradient, I was itching to do a gradient myself!  I reached into my stash of recently-purchased China Glaze City Flourish polishes and pulled out these three cool tones.
In a Lily Bit, At Vase Value, What a Pansy
China Glaze In a Lily Bit, At Vase Value, and What a Pansy
I got these as part of a Buy One Get One Free deal, so I feel a bit better about snatching up so many pretty polishes with such a mediocre formula.  I have to say though, all three polishes were perfectly suited for a gradient!  I didn't have many/any issues, and the colors are fantastic.

All in all, I'm happy with how this turned out!